What is the total supply?

Our satellites indicate a total of 5,000 unique DERK NFTs that have escaped Derkdom!

When is the launch? 

The DERK ARMY officially launches on 9 Oct 2021, with a week of presales prior.

How much does it cost to catch a DERK? 

Starts from 0.02 ETH (no gas fees needed!)

 Prices vary depending on drops.

What impact will this project make? 

As we know, the concept of NFTs are still largely unknown to most. Not many are familiar with cryptocurrencies, and even lesser are aware of NFTs.


The DERK ARMY aims to become a frontline project that increases the adoption of NFTs by more people, by serving as a bridge to those who have yet to come on board.

Launched on the gas-free Polygon blockchain, the DERK ARMY will allow an accessible and affordable entry point to both new and veteran NFT collectors. Through the development and widespread marketing of merchandise known as DERK Supplies, operated by the DERK Companythe DERK ARMY aims to enhance the popularity of its DERK icon by becoming a notable apparel and lifestyle brandOur DERK Hunters who own a DERK NFT can be assured of their possession of a growing icon that will continually increase in demand and valueFor more detailed information on our real-world entity, read the DERK Company tab.

Never forgetting the value of giving, the DERK ARMY will also be active in charity, with donations and involvement with beneficiaries that our community will decide on.

What benefits lie beyond the project? 

This project will always remain, even beyond the sales of the 5,000 DERKsOur DERK Hunters who possess a DERK NFT are part of the Board, with shareholder entitlements to annual dividends.  The DERK Supplies line will also continually grow, with continued charitable contributions. Toward the end of the NFT roadmap, the DERK Company will officially launch a separate department dedicated to the NFT holders to develop greater utility for the DERKs. DERK ARMY never ends!

Have more questions?

Do check out our Roadmap as well for more information!

We will be happy to assist you in capturing DERKs or to chat about our project. Visit our Instagram, Twitter, or Discord pages to find out more and for the latest developments.