The DERK Company


The DERK Company is ​the real-world business entity of the DERK ARMY, serving as the commercial arm in distributing the DERK Supplies and DERK Collections merchandise. The organisation is responsible for the continual growth and expansion of the DERK brand.

Through collaborations with influencers and notable brands outside of NFTs, the DERK Company seeks to increase the adoption and awareness of the DERK ARMY NFT Project, and general understanding of cryptocurrencies and NFTs to the wider publicThe continual advocation for the gas-free Polygon blockchain will be key in enabling greater and more affordable collection opportunities for much more people to traverse the realm of NFTs. We believe that in the very near future, the greater potential of Polygon will be unleashed. These are exciting times indeed!


The DERK Company works to develop a well-rounded, globally recognised lifestyle and apparels brand; we find humour and hilarity in having a pixelated, bored-looking DERK become a titan disrupting the current industry. The success of this will ultimately skyrocket the desirability and value of each of the 5000 DERK NFTs - each being the origin of the globalised brand.


Inspired by major names, the DERK Supplies and DERK Collections aim to rival some of the world's biggest fashion and luxury houses, forming a new-age social trend birthed from the NFT realm - and this is why we say the DERK ARMY is an invasion of the real-world from the MetaverseWe will stir up many industries with this unique, pixelated DERK icon that goes viral to the moon!

Let's make history.

Heck, let's wear it.


The DERK Company is born from the DERK ARMY NFT Project. DERK ARMY NFT holders, the DERK Hunters, are all shareholders in the DERK Company with their individual DERKsEach DERK represents a fixed share; the more the merrier (and of course, the more our holders' profits)!